Transcend into the dimension of salvia

It was a few months back. I was living in an apartment with four friends. After a long day of smoking weed, myself and L try to convince R and S to do salvia divinorum for the first time. We agree to all take our hits at the same time. We step into the bathroom, where all our smoking occurs, and make four gravity bongs. (IвЂve found smoking salvia this way, as long as you keep the heat on it, requires only one hit to breakthrough- we also were using Salvia 35x). Not knowing what R and SвЂs threshold would be, I somewhat underhandedly gave them larger hits. We inhale in unison and dash to the comfort of couches set up in LвЂs room. I felt it hit me a bit after I exhaled. This was the first time I had done salvia together with so many people and the effect of all of us beginning to trip at the same time really changed the whole thing for me.

At the onset, instead of the feeling I usually get of getting zipped slowly and rhythmically into the salvia world by weird beings on the periphery of this reality, I seemed to immediately transcend into the dimension of salvia. In retrospect, I think this may have something to do with how hard R and S were tripping; we all were affected in the same way somehow. After noticing I was in the salvia realm, I begin feeling each moment as a phase of birth, expansion, detachment as if I was on an assembly line which was creating some vast four dimensional object from the room we were all in and our collective experience of it. I started seeing my whole life being attached to this object and everyone and everything I had seen or interacted with in my life time was a part of it.

Here and now my three friends were part of my story. Buy Salvia extractsThen I became the book of my own life; pages were flying everywhere and I lost the feeling of physical form. My consciousness was fleeting from future to past and from this reality to infinite other possibilities. There is more but itвЂs too hazy. I was jerked from this though when S started to freak out. He stood up and all of a sudden, RвЂs face comes into view and we both look at S. He canвЂt “believe it is real” and leaves the room. After that, R and I keep talking about вЂthe story†we had just experienced. He tells me what heвЂd felt up to that point. Honestly we were still tripping, but the most intense thirty seconds (or so) were over. What I can remember from what he said was he started to feel stretched in a similar way, becoming connected to every moment since his birth (and possibly before) and had a similar feeling of becoming a book. This for us was вЂthe storyвЂ. He said he came to a specific page and saw himself with his family, all of whom were “part of” the book. He said I was there too but then I started to flicker and disappear. I believe this is when I felt all the pages fluttering and I detached from the present into other realms. I donвЂt remember seeing his family but before my friend S left the room we all four seemed to be having some crazy synchronistic shared-hallucination experience but I forget what happened. All I know is it involved some place that was all white and I think we were (5th?) dimensional. Then I recall a feeling of “falling” from that place when S stood up and left. This whole time L had been under his blanket yet I remember him being in the trip.

When S had left he popped his head out like he too had fallen down to earth. Soon after we started discussing what happened. As a consequence of still being under salviaвЂs influence, we all forgot what we were talking about and lost the ability to recall what we had felt. Only a few glimpses remain. But I have a feeling what freaked S out was the improbability of what was happening. He kept saying “this canвЂt be real! We canвЂt be doing this..” I wish I could have heard what he said to M, our other roommate who stayed sober in the other room with his girlfriend. But by the time he came back from their room we were back to normal and shaking our heads at how crazy this had been. I feel like having been high the whole day really hindered me from remembering more, especially of the conversation we had afterwards and experiences involving L and S before snapping out of the trip.
Since then, R and S have not done salvia again and I doubt they will any time soon if ever again. This report is not really in chronological order, as I was severely mind-fucked the entire time and all the trip up until S leaving happened literally outside of time. I really love salvia as a plant teacher and a window to higher realms, and I am still learning from this trip.

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