A water pipe from amsterdam.

Im going to tell u about our group experience with Salvia Divinorum . We didnt use much, just 1/2g for 5 people. Once it arrived we whent to my garden with a water pipe i had from amsterdam.

We didnt know what to expect from the trip so everyone was a bit insecure. So Jacob, a friend that had more experience than us with psycodelic drugs (magic mushrooms, LSD) tried 1st. He inhaled his whole dose and, 5 seconds after, he started laughing. Salvia Divinorum This just lasted like 4 seconds, his face changed, he looked scared and he was talking alone but noneone could undertand him, after 2 min of walking arround he loked at me and started coming back, talking better, then he looked at the bong and said ''all that its because i smoked?'', after this he was like 1h thinking of the trip. then he told us. He apeard somewere, like a road with snow, thats the best way he can describe it. but he didnt have a body, he was just a mind and he wanted to find it, after of what for him where hours looking for his body he started to think he was dead and that was why he didnt have a body, then he saw my houses' door and when he got throug he came back.

After this we were even more insecure but richard, another friend, wanted to understand the feelings jacob was describing. He inhaled a bit more than jacob, he looked at the sky and 5 seconds after he fell back. he stayed like that with his head in the floor loke 30 secondes and the my dog lara started to lick himand he sitted again and started to look at her strangely. he got up and he followed the dog to the tree, then we went and bump himself with the wall and stayed there for one min. After that he came back a bit hand went to the gardents hose saying he was too dity. i took it from him and i made him sit. 10 min later he realised where he was and told us all abuit it. When he falled he didnt know where he was or wat he was, it was like he was born again. He though at himself as a rock or something from the floor and said that he never had been so relaxed, like there where no problems, he was a rock and rocks stayed at the floor. Then he said something lift it from the floor, something like a truk. he said it launched him really far and he ended in a wall and he keep moving there, the he came basck and said that he wanted the hose becouse he was full of dirt from been a rock. His trip didnt seem very enjoyable but he told us it was one of best experiences of his life. For him it had been like a new lifetime where he had been born as a rock and rocks were just happy and that he had seen thing that he couldnt imagine.
After his explanations we all wanted to trie it, so my friend luiti had a try and putted some music in his mobile to relax.

He didnt go away like all of them. He started to tear plants from the garden so i tried to draw his atention with calm. he looked at my legs and tried to terar the hairrs from my legs but he didnt have any strength. then he looked away and it happened the same as the others. he lied down in the floor. the did a lot of moves and keep saying things and laughing. a minut later the efect got away a bit and he started to look at the sun and the big tree i have. After this he told us about his experience and told us he started to tear the plants because he saw al the garden was funny and built with legos. He told us he started flying arround the garder and that for him the garden was a entire world, where the sun ruled and the tree managed all the other plants. Then he started to see things he cant explain and that the music was everywere. he said that he, at first, got a bit overwhelmed because he couldnt understand where he was but the he realised he was there because there wasnt anywhere better and saffer to be. When he came back he said that it had been the best experience in his life, with no worries.

Salvia Divinorum
So it came revilla's turn. He inhaled the smoke as the others and 3 seconds after started to laugh looking at the floor, but his face didnt chaged like the others. he got up and tomb the chair, and 20secs after all the effects went off. He didnt had a trip but he felt funny and a ''force''.
I was the last one, so i inhaled a bit more than the rest. When i smoked all my dose y didnt feel anything for wat for me had been 10 min, but when i saw the video i realised it had been 2 seconds. the i started to feel something pulling me back and i had a sesation it wanted to take me to the ''salvia world''. i loked at luiti and jacob and i saw them as if they were part of that world but i couldnt get to them, as if i was in the midle of the real and the salvia world. When i loked to the real world i saw revilla and another friend as if they were looking me as a zoo animal but when i looked at the ''salvia'' world i saw jacob and luiti and all the garden looked so colourfull and i couldnt go with them. Thats the best way i can describe it. At last i the efects whent of and i was a little disapointed because i couldnt reach the salvia world, but it was a good experience.

Well this has been our experience with salvia. It has been a year sice we tried it and we are thinking about doing it again next week to see how we see ''our world'' after a year.

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