I took a very deep inhalation

My first experiance with Salvia Divinorum was not that special, sitting at a friends house we put some extract (I think it was 5X or 10X) in a sigarette and smoked it like it was a sigarette. This did not do much, a strange tingkle over my skin was all I felt.

My second experience was something else! This time I was sitting at my own house together with a friend that had brought a small vaporiser, the kind you can put in your pocket. He put a little 30X salvia in the glass round bowl and continued by holding a lighter under the glass while sucking the vapour in his longs.
He after a second or three his face had a strange expression on it and he gave me the vaporiser while almost dropping it.

I I put some new Salvia in the bowl listening to my friends story which became a little weird. I took a very deep inhalation myself and waited for a moment.Salvia Divinorum

I remember almost falling from my chair, first thinking what a strange story my friend was telling me (something about his parents, they were walking up his legs and when they came to his knees he became a menthol sigarette..)
and than something weired happened. I had a strong feeling of other life being present, my body was something like water, I was not something solid like normal. my body and mind were not attached like normal. After a while I was actually floating above myself but was experiancing a heavy trip even outside my body!
After some moments (it must have been only minutes), which felt like much, much longer I returned to my body and lay on the floor, my friend lay besides me and was trying to explain what he just experianced.

The whole experiance was very weird, not scary but not of this world.
After this experiance I have taken Salvia Divinorum on several occasions (mostly parties or meeting with friends) but I have never again taken such deep inhalations and have never had a heavy trip from it again. The effects of only a small inhalation are that of extreme relaxation for me. Skin becomes fluid time freezes. It has now been more than a year pas my last experiance. Work and responsibilities have taken too much of my time.. (time..? that's something to wonder about next Salvia trip..) I hope to post a new experiance here again soon..

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